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Strange dating hangups

Most women show up late to prevent it too, or they have you pick them up at their home.

When the maître de splayed her arm out to the table Jenny Wade sat at, I felt bad.

I could not imagine how vulnerable this woman must’ve felt seated at the table, strumming her fingers on the table, and watching the door to see if I had arrived. I thought I was late, even though I checked the time and I was a good five minutes early.

She wanted people around, I thought, in the event that something should happen.

I had no problem with any of this, as we’ve all heard tales of women that didn’t follow such protocol, but I also knew that it was my responsibility to show up early to prevent her from any feelings of discomfort.

I cannot describe how odd this experience was for me.

Jenny Wade was already at the table, in an Applebee’s, when I met her. Jenny Wade had worked with him for years, and he thought she was dynamite. He wanted me to hold his choices in high regard, and he was particularly choosy when it came to selecting women he thought I might find attractive.He was always asking me questions about my ideal woman, and my answers probably varied more than they should have, based on the women I was spending time around and the women I was dating at the time.“She has a great personality,” he said. “She’s cute, but her personality supplements whatever flaws in appearance she may have.” He knew he was describing what I considered my ideal woman at the time.

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They would say the line with a smile, but the condescending tone suggested that they did not take me seriously as a possible suitor.The maître de welcomed me to the restaurant, and she asked me for my name.That greeting confused me, but I gave her my name, and she proceeded to escort me to a table.I had no idea how the woman my uncle was describing, this Jenny Wade, would challenge those beliefs.The gorgeous women I dated up to this point had no problem informing me that they were thinking about other men, while we were on a date.Most men know this, and as a result, most men show up early to prevent it.