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I quickly place my palm below the silvery and silky trail, and wrap the pre cum slicked palm around my shaft.

Bearing in mind at this tender young age and only really having fiddled with Teen-aged girls, the idea of an actual women masturbating, well shit; was something only seen in porn and not so far witnessed by my own eyes.

Let alone did any of the "Women or girls I knew" admit they did.

The trail of pre cum seeping from the little hole in my cock tip pumping out slowly with each pulse of my heart and the flush of blood each beat sent down through my body and eventually filling the shaft of my cock caused it to bob up, then slowly fall on the downbeat.

A string of creamy sticky juice now trailing off the head of my cock, slowly stretching out and dangling.

Simply put, the feeling of a massive load blasting up my shaft and out the tip makes me feel really good.

Just to reduce the sensitivity and bring the pleasure up quickly as this isn't going to take long, nor can it.

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Nor the fact I was going to have to look at the Blonde lady at some point before the shift was over and she was well aware I'd no doubt gone into the toilet after she had turned around and left me alone and what might be going on or about too in here...I'm well aware what's built up in my balls is more than likely no small ejaculation about to happen.Knowing myself as I do, I'm guessing this is going to be a heavy release.The leakage though contained and not making it through to the outer layer of my trousers, thank fuck for that!I decide the boxers have to go, the cooling juices are not going to help my concentration and the fear that it may eventually pass through to be visible on my trousers just that nightmare scenario all over again.The subtle movement of the rise and fall of my pumped up meat causing it to swing gently too and fro while it slowly creates a string of crystal mirrors of my transparent lust. Looking in the mirror I can see this is pointless, the view is impressive, but it cannot continue, I'm stood in the toilet at work with pre cum dripping from my dick and quickly heading towards the floor at a rate even I'm struck by as impressive.